I’m running for Turku City Council in the Municipal Elections 2017.

I believe in changing matters by being prepared to work for it. I want to make my city better, more open and more humane.

My strengths are strong influence and administrative skills.  I can and want to listen to people to form a justifiable opinion and further the things that I believe in.

I strongly believe that I have a lot to give to my home town and I want to build it better for everyone.

Matters that I want to work towards:

Involvement and working together.

Decision-making and especially preparation of decisions should be open, and the public should be able to participate as much as possible.

Involvement in the decisions better ensures that residents can commit to the decisions, even the ones they might disagree on. Co-operation is the only way towards better Turku.

Children and young adults

I want to make sure that there are no more cuts from the welfare of the children and young adults. I want to secure the success of future generations, not destroy it from the start by taking resources from, for example, early childhood education and primary schools.

I will work towards allowing every student to continue studying after comprehensive school: No-one should be left out at that early stage.

Equality, humanity, diversity, justice

Everyone must be met as a person in Turku. We must find ways to build bridges instead of putting up fences.

Humanity and equality must be seen as the only option towards a better society. It is important to meet opposing views with respect in this conversation and give conversation a chance, at the same time seeing diversity as a strength and cherishing human dignity and justice.

This kind of conversation is my strong suite. I will happily meet and discuss different points of view, appreciating the person but renouncing any hatred. I will do everything I can to enable us to see diversity as a strength. This can’t be done by condemning, blaming or belittling; it is done by interaction and appreciation – and you can’t demand it from others without applying the same yourself.